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Moving Target

Somebody Hold That Thing Still!

Woo hoo!

It’s been a long-time coming … Welcome to the brand-new PopTop Studio website!

After closing the doors on SpringSprang two years ago, I went solo and began working from home. Up until now, I just had a place-holder website – something to acknowledge my existence – nothing of substance. Lulled with contentment in the fact that I had work coming in, I allowed it to sit unattended. Inevitably, the day arrived when I really needed a functional site, and it wasn’t up to the task – not even close.

I set a goal to re-work and re-launch the site, but it wasn’t long before that self-imposed deadline became a moving target, flittering in the air overhead – evasive, but relatively harmless. As time passed, it grew into more of an albatross, swooping down for an occasional peck on my head to remind me that it was still unfinished. People were asking me where my website was – it was getting embarrassing. Gone were the days when I had a team to share the workload. In the freelance economy you have to put your clients first, even at the expense of your own promotion, but that expense was starting to cost me. At some point I had to pull the trigger.

Click. Bang. Boom.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have this site completed, but I’m not going to let it just sit there anymore. As time allows, I’ll feature case studies, expand on certain elements, and throw in a few twists that don’t quite fit the rest. It is time to move on without that feathered target over my head!

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out my Portfolio — thanks for visiting!

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